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HRV Maintenance

A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) brings fresh air into your home without losing heat. Properly maintained, an HRV can save energy costs in your housing project while maintaining a clean, healthy indoor environment. You can extend the life and efficiency [...]

Mold and Dampness

There is always some mold everywhere – in the air and on many surfaces. Molds have been on the Earth for millions of years. Mold grows where there is moisture. Mold and Your Health Exposure to damp and moldy environments [...]

Outdoor Structures

Most people don’t realize that maintaining outdoor structures, like decks, porches, garages and sheds is important. Many people think that these kinds of structures are replaceable, so if they get some wear and tear it’s not a big deal; or [...]

Housing Blog Introduction

Greetings From WBAFN Housing Advisory Services, we are pleased to provide a forum for any questions pertaining to Housing that you may have.  From New construction, budgeting, planning and renovations we will do our best to get you the best [...]

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