Conditional Asset Housing Database

To modernize and customize OFNTSC’s existing CAHD Housing Database through the integration of Public Sector Digest (PSD) “Citywide” Software. The customization will utilize the housing data from Wasauksing First Nation and will create modernized version of the CAHD database that would effectively meet the needs of Wasauksing First Nation, Waabnoong Bemjiwang Association of First Nation, and other First Nation communities within Ontario.

Background and Objectives

First Nations continue to struggle with the financial and strategic management of costs for repairs, maintenance, renovation and new construction to address housing inadequacies. Although many communities have abundant housing and financial data, including inventory, condition and maintenance records; they lack a central information system to track the life of their housing assets and a planning strategy to use that information to ensure that available resources are optimally applied to existing housing stock. The Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation (OFNTSC)’s version of the CAHD database, although antiquated, was originally developed to collect and store housing inventory, condition and maintenance information in order to assist First Nations in their resource planning. To preserve some of the original CAHD investments, the pilot project proposes to modernize the current CAHD interface using Public Sector Digest (PDS)’s “Citywide” software architecture. In partnership with Waabnoong Bemjiwang Association of First Nations (WBAFN) and Wasauksing First Nation, OFNTSC proposes to modernize & improve the current CAHD database to provide First Nations with a tool to better track housing inventory, manage housing condition & maintenance, improve level of services & lifecycle and introduce effective processes designed to improve the planning & prioritization of community housing.
With a structured plan and reliable data, First Nation decision-makers could better utilize and manage available resources to make effective decisions on their current housing needs and provides the foundation for creating safe, secure, suitable, and affordable housing.

Project Scope

The scope of this project can be broken down into three main categories, 1) Project Initiation, 2) System Development and 3) Training & Go Live. The items are included within each category and estimated to start in July 2017.

  • Further customization of the CityWide database to meet the needs of OFNTSC “CAHD” modernization.
  • Further enhancement of reporting functions to meet standards of reporting to groups such as the WBAFN, INAC, OFNTSC, and others.
  • PSD project management services
  • Developing or beginning to develop GIS/Mapping of data from existing AutoCad data
  • Creation of asset repositories within CityWide AMS (asset management system)
  • Development of work order, service request types and processes via the Works application and Works mobile application.
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