AMSI Phase II outcomes:

  1. Accurate understanding of operations and maintenance will improve financial planning and asset life cycle
  2. Improve operational and maintenance accounting to real costs, funding calculations and reporting and budget planning and forecasting
  3. Establish policies based on real costs to manage, extend the life of assets, reduce risks and improve services
  4. Develop policies and procedures to optimize working relationships between WBAFN, member First Nations, other agencies, consulting firms and other stakeholders in a digital asset management environment
  5. Reduce the effort, improve the accuracy of producing reports for internal decision making, and to provide agencies such as ISC, and producing improved Asset Management Plans for each First Nation
  6. Up-to-date robust Asset Management Plans will support informed strategic and investment decision making
  7. Implement policies that will ensure the sustainability of benefits of the asset management and improve First Nation Information Governance
  8. Improve field data collation, such as ACRS type information. Ability to plan, schedule, track work to be and done on assets
  9. Understanding of the Consulting Service WBAFN can offer, the Market who would be interested in WBAFN’s Asset Management System Implementation Consulting Services and an initial financial business case to support the business plan
  10. Provide business income to WBAFN, enabling WBAFN to offset the cost of providing sustainable Asset Management and technology support to member First Nations, including, but not limited to GIS support
  11. Provide other First Nations an additional source of information and skills to improve self-governance
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