WBAFN is excited to announce Theresa Teddy joining the WBAFN team as the Permanent Part Time Bookkeeper.

Theresa joined the team on August 10, 2020 and has over 25 years experience working within First Nations and Public/Private sector businesses. Theresa represented Wahnapitae First Nation as a WBAFN board member from 1995-2008. She has been employed at Wahnapitae First Nation and worked within the positions of: Finance Clerk, Economic Development Officer, Housing Coordinator, Membership Clerk, Band Administrator and Executive Director.

Theresa is the business owner of two separate businesses. Prior business was in tourism and current businesses are in finance and taxes.

Theresa is a wife, mother, and grandmother.

Theresa Teddy can be reached at 705-857-0442 and theresa.teddy@wbafn.com