AMSI Phase II objectives:

  1. Provide data for timely, accurate, up to date analysis of Asset Information
  2. Incorporate current and develop improved financial accounting practices into asset management practices
  3. Incorporate Level-of-Service polices into asset management decision making
  4. Implement policies and procedures to reflect First Nations self-governance working in a digital environment
  5. Reduce the effort and improve the quality and quantity of Reporting
  6. Provide the means for each First Nation to produce their own Asset Management Plan with accurate information from the Asset Management System with minimum effort, including graphics and maps
  7. Develop and/or revise policies and procedures to improve the information and asset analysis capabilities, including Information Governance Ownership, Control, Assess and Possession (OCAP)
  8. Implement Work-Order tools into asset management
  9. Provide information to support the creation of a WBAFN Asset Management System Implementation Consulting Business Plan
  10. Identify and quantify the value of WBAFN Asset Management system Implementation Consulting Services.
  11. Develop means of ensuring information, knowledge, skills are transferable to other First Nations.
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